Overview of all comments in a Project

I would find it very usefull to have a single overview on a project where all comments from tasks is listed.
E.g. to the right in the “Overview” tab along with the Project description, Project roles etc.

Each comment should be labeled with the name of the task that the comment belongs to.

Like an activity thread for the project, that seems interesting. I would find it very noisy though… Not sure what Asana point of view is on this one.

If some find it very noisy it could be a slide-in visible sektion (like when you click on a task in a project). Otherwise a tab only for All comments.

I use a project to keep track of all the tasks within a large Google Ads account.
It would be great to see the whole history for my account in one thread. Also to spot overlapping actions and tasks (in a large account you easily forget what you did yesterday).

In the past I worked at a digital agency having all clients created as projects with a section for each service (Google Ads, Facebook, SEO, Email etc.). In this case it would be great to have a single overview of all activities for each client to keep track of what other specialists is working on as well as the communication with the client. I guess it’s usefull too for other cases with multiple members on one project.

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