Viewing all recent comments in a project

I usually put updates as comments in project tasks. And I need to view all these updates every other week for reporting.

Now the solution proposed here: How to view all recent comments in a project - #4 by nyprosell
doesn’t work for me as it shows only the list of tasks on which I have commented, but not the list of comments.

I want to have like the text of comments listed there. Any workaround to achieve this please ?


Hi @anon44643835, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

It is currently not possible to view all recent comments in a project. I can certainly understand how this might be useful :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category to give you and other Community members the option to vote for this feature :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted if I have any updates!

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Adding my vote for this! A feed with all updates to a project (similar to the updates seen in the bottom of the task detail window) would be a game changer!

also adding a vote for this

Adding my vote too. I just came over to Asana from Jira and having an activity stream within a project was sooooooooooooooooo helpful. I feel hobbled in Asana without this.

same here. hobbled.


definitely need a filter or reporting option to show comments


+1–this feature is MUCH needed. Or the ability to sort inbox by project.

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Yeah, I don’t get why this was not implemented since day 1.

I have a project with 20 tasks. I know someone sent me a comment to one of them because I got an email. If I lose that email, I don’t have any idea where that comment was posted.

So I have to click task by task, and read the latest comments in each one of them. So if it turns out the comment was on the last task, I spent around 2 minutes clicking tasks like if I was searching for my lost wallet in all the drawers in my house!

This doesn’t make sense.

Do it the hubspot way, there’s an Inbox feature where I can see the latest activity no matter what project or task it comes from.

Welcome, @Blo,

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Until/if this feature becomes available, you can click the Search box > Advanced Search > Limit your search as helpful, say by project or team. Then do Add filter > Dates > Modification date > choose a range like within the last week. You’ll see a search result sorted by last modified date. It’s not just comment mods, but it’s the best workaround for now. You can “star” that search, name it, and click it whenever you’d like to see a refreshed list.

Hope that helps,


We need to be able to see all comments and also all messages. I don’t normally put all comms in Asana because it’s too confusing. A client does, but it’s so hard to then find anything. In this case, email works better :frowning:

@Arthur_Davis, FWIW, the advanced search results display has tabs at the top to allow you to see both Tasks and Messages there.

Am I right in saying “Messages” is not “Comments” though? If I go to the Messages tab it’s empty, it does not list all the comments on all tasks?

So for me, I still cannot see the comments for a project, unless I use the Inbox, but then its cluttered with other things then. Although you can filter it by person and “unread” but its not perfect. I still seem to be re-reading things just in case I missed it.

Messages and Comments are two separate features in Asana. This thread was originally about Comments, then one person asked about Messages.

My workaround in:

Allows you to see recently-modified tasks or messages; clicking each will then show comments or messages, respectively.



Ok thanks. I have clicked through all tasks comments this way. I think I prefer looking at the Inbox for now, and filtering by customer and unread. Wish this could be a tab in the project itself, like a Project Inbox or similar. Or why not add comments into the Message tab, or have a Comment tab.

Anyway, thank you.