Overall things that may help your product


As a coder of 15 yrs, using competing products, seen your product from the start, I have some feedback to help your site. My insight comes from experience of Project Mgmt, and what not.

Here are some basic ideas that would, IMHO, def. help your product. Also, I don’t spend hours researching any product I use. If you have these features, it isn’t properly accessible, turning off first time users.

  1. Easily accessible to all - # of tasks / subtasks per team member including completed and/or incompleted
  2. You should also break down tasks, using some simple SQL querying, to find every month activity.
  3. Main project list stats - number of subtasks, completion rates
  4. External page to extrapolate sections, instead of having some huge list showing sections and all items. Basically add another layer SECTION. Not for me, but should be allowed to add a person to handle section…

The biggest concern for this product is you probably haven’t built a good stats system for usage (you potentially could just build all these features in PHP triggers), and the usage of these stats to have meaninful stats for the team. The features are good.

BTW: Most teams I work with all use Trello.