Outside Viewers and Collaborators

Does anyone know of a way to allow a collaborator that can see your projects and items without taking up a license? An example case is my manager/co-workers that I’d like to be able to view my work without using a license up since they won’t be using the product personally but rather a way to view my progress. Thoughts?

Only the Guests are not taking up a seat. A guest is someone that does not have any email address from your company domain. If your manager does, he will be a member. No way around it.

You could however build a dashboard with existing solutions out there and they would look at the dashboard instead. Would that solve your problem?

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Hi @Cody_J_Mathis!

Adding to what @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, you can learn more about Guests in this article:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It is silly - competitors now have Viewers option

Who says you need to do everything the competitors do? :sweat_smile:

I am new to Asana and have this problem - we have a number of people in the company (same email domain) that we want to see a project, but don’t need them to do much more than that. I am not sure how dashboards work - is that a typical way around this?

What do you need them to see exactly?

I would want them to see the tasks assigned to them, with the due dates. I did communicate with Asana’s customer service and they explained that this isn’t possible if that person was part of my organization - they would need to become a member of Asana to see anything.

So basically you would like a project to be publicly available so you show your colleagues without having them in Asana? Instagantt allows you to do that, but for the Timeline =)

@Bruce_Lovett, This free-to-most Asana add-on can help a lot when you’re in Asana but working with others who don’t have an Asana account:

And there are more threads here in the forum too (search “Asana2Go”) too.

Disclaimer: I’m the creator.


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