Organization Tip of the Day- Google Sheets Reporting



It can be helpful to have quantitative insights about how your projects are progressing. This can inform your priorities and help you organize your work in the most leveraged areas.

Have you ever wondered how many tasks are past due in your most important projects? Or the number of tasks due next week? Or what % of tasks are complete in each project? With Google Sheets Reporting in Asana, you can get all of this information at a glance for projects on your Dashboard. You can see more information here to try it out today.


Hi Kaitie. Why can’t I see the “Open Report in Google Sheets” button in my Asana. I am on Premium and have 5 projects in my Dashboard.


We use the Google Sheets report to get the project status updates into a list format, which we then use to run through in our weekly team meeting. The format works a little better than the Dashboard grid layout, because the text doesn’t get truncated.

I just created a new sheet in the existing document, pulled in only the data i needed, and formatted it to be a bit bigger and readable on a TV screen. Works great, because we have a single shared link that we open up, and as long as everyone has updated their project status in Asana, we don’t need to double-enter it into another format just for the meetings!