Organising My Tasks using "Group by"

How do you get the “Group by” menu to show in My Tasks? I have it but my colleagues don’t and I don’t know how.

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Just came here to ask the same thing. I was helping onboard some new users (4 people) and 2 of them had the feature while the others did not. They were all using Asana on Chrome.

“Group By Due Date” is very useful for those who are not very technically proficient so I would love to have it for them!


Asana often runs A/B tests like this for several weeks at a time usually and then decides at the end of whether to release, change, or hold back.

I’m afraid there’s no way to influence which part of the test you’re in, the control group or otherwise.



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Thanks Larry.

Our Users feel this would be a great benefit. We use “My Tasks” to organise our day see where we are ahead/behind.
I hope this feedback will be used to bring the option into the full release on a permanent basis for everyone.



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Hey @James_Gray1,

it was announced that the A/B test finished and it was rolled out to all users.

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