Organising my day - Daily (hourly) schedule planning on calendar

Hi, I was wondering if you are planning to incorporate a Daily schedule planner that includes the hours of each day (with a weekly view) so I can structure my work schedule each day/week. For the moment I use a Board with “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “This Week”, etc and structure the tasks in order of what I need to do first, but what I would find really useful in organising my day is a planner whereby I could set specific time intervals for doing each of these. Some tasks require 10 minutes, others 2 hours, others take amny “back anf forths” before finally being completed. Being able to organise a schedule whereby I can set that I will be focusing on a specific task for a specific time duration would help me to really structure my working day. The flexibility of dragging and dropping tasks to reorganise the schedule if anything new comes up would be great. Sorry if someone else has already suggested this, but I couldn’t find anything similar in the search.

Just having daily schedule is not really enough for me, I need an hourly planner for the day like PlanAway

Is ti possible to set specific time during a day for task, not just a due time.

That would be very useful to set up task hourly