Plan time for tasks (per day)

Hi everybody,

I hope you’re all doing great. I am looking for a smooth solution for the following problem:

Each day, I have a number of tasks as well as appointments that I need to fulfil / attend to. My tasks are happily planned in Asana, while appointments are being organised via Outlook. In the past, there were so many meetings on a day that I just couldn’t keep up with all my tasks. However, it was difficult for me to really know whether my calendar would be getting too full because I wasn’t really able to assign “time spans” for my Asana tasks.
I love the calendar view and would like to be able to add an “expected duration of task fulfilment” that I can automatically see in the calendar OVERview (not as a field when I click on each specific task). I would like to see with one click how much time per day I will need to fulfil all of my tasks so I can schedule meetings only in the spare time :slight_smile:

Is there any such feature planned to be added or does anybody have a good workaround for this?

Thanks so much in advance and kind regards!

Are you able to add all your personal tasks to one specific project? Then you could have a custom field about duration, a section for “Today” and Asana would give you the sum for that field.

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Option 1 and best solution is what @Bastien_Siebman is recommending
Option 1.1 if it is just you using Asana is to make a project like Bastien is recommending but use only this project, so basically never go to My Tasks. This works if there are no other people who would assign tasks to you ever. In this way this new project will be your home and you will create tasks directly there.
Option 2 is wait - there is a change in the way My Task will work, coming possibly in 1-3 months. We have no information what it will include, but maybe, maybe there will be custom fields available in My Tasks. It was announced to developers, but no information when it will be released or exactly what it will include.
Option 3 is use external tool, like for example Everhour. It integrates with your Asana projects and you can track time on each task, add estimated time, you can set time or price budgets per project, customer, etc.
Option 4 which is really cumbersome but we used it for sometime is use tags. We had tags for standard durations like 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 mins. This way in My Tasks you can sort by due date and you can see how many tasks you have for the day and how long they would take, but you will have to add the time manually (in your head). The benefit is that tags are visible to the entire Organisation, unlike custom fields which are visible only to project memebers where the custom field exists.

So depending on the use case, personal needs or team needs you can use either option or something more clever if someone offers it :slight_smile:

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman and @IvanStaykov! Thanks so much for your tips.
Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I work with plenty of different people in plenty of different projects.
So, I guess I‘ll choose to wait and maybe start adding tags to at least have a rough estimate.
Hoping for better planning options in ‚my tasks‘ for the future!

Best wishes :slight_smile: