Order of Tags


I am Head of New Business for an automobile club. We started using ASANA. We love it. However one major issue that keeps us from integrating it on a professional level, is that there is no possibility to change the order and visibility of tags.

I do hope such a feature is implemented soon!

You have tags more important than others and want to put some first, is that it?

Hi Bastien,

yes, that’s the case. Currently the tag order is determined in what order they are assigned to the task. There is no method to order them alphabetically, by priority or manually.

Furthermore, if one task is assigned to several projects, the tags are replaced by the project names, which is also extremely inconvenient for my team.

Since you are an ASANA Pro, my I ask if there is method to mask out the task history?

Thanks for your help in advance,

Understood. No there is not, unless you decide to do some custom CSS hack which I would discourage.