Option to disable rounding up when reporting on Actual time

My team uses the native Asana time field “Actual time”.
If I create a report to show the number of hours spent by the team on tasks, the metric is rounded up. It can be rounded up to days or weeks, depending on the number of hours.

But I need to show the value in hours.
Chart Styles using Actual time should have an option to disable rounding up.
The workaround is to click on the chart to display the records included in the filter.
Then export to csv and sum the Actual hours in a different application, like Excel.

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I would also like to know what variables users can control - it not only rounds up, it assumes/predefines 24 hours as 1 day. Actual time recording within a task is limited to hours, while actual time reporting within the dashboard is limited to days and Asana has predefined that 24 hours is equal to 1 day, which means an incorrect report.

Asana, can users define how many hours are in a day for their own user interface/team OR can their be an option to view reports in hours OR can the recording of actual time be in days. The lack of 1 to 1 makes the tool broken so to speak.