How many hours in an Asana Week?

I’m reporting on the Actual Hours our team has spent on their tasks using a Chart Style of #Number. It sums all the Actual Hours recorded on the tasks, and then because the number of hours is large, displays it in Weeks and Days.
I want to know the number in hours.
Is there a way to change the units so it does not roll up?

If the answer is “no” can you confirm how many hours are in an Asana Day and an Asana Week?
Does Asana consider a “Day” to be 24 hours or 8 hours.
What about a week, is that 5 days or 7 days?

And, does Asana round up to day/week when the measure is over half way? For example, say a day is 24 hours, at what point do you display 1 day?

You can’t choose the unit. Based on our own research a day is 24h.

Thanks, so a week is likely to be 7 days right? Not 5.

I believe so yes.

Seriously, is this confirmed?