Option to delay notification on assignment of Dependent tasks until dependency is activated

Our team often sets up large projects with multiple dependencies. Inboxes/slack get full of notifications when that project and it’s tasks get assigned, even though the due date for those tasks is months away and activity on that task is not due or even able to be completed until the dependent tasks ahead of it are completed. It would be wonderful to be able to turn off the notification that occurs when a dependent task (that is not yet ready for action) is assigned, and only have the notification occur when the dependent task ahead of it is completed.

I don’t Asana will do anything about it. That’s up to each individual to learn to use My Tasks and Inbox properly. I feel like it is pretty “good” to notify someone they will have to do something later. That’s an opportunity for them to say “I’ll be on holidays” or “This shouldn’t be me”

Hi @Sarah_Jacob,

FYI the Dynamic Duration workflow type in our Flowsana integration has an “Assign To” feature that will only assign a task to someone once its dependency (or depenencies) are marked complete.

Yes, I understand that. In most cases yes, but with the nature of this project that we create each quarter, managers end up getting 100 emails when the project launches and none of them are actionable yet because they’re all dependent upon prior steps. I’m hoping to eliminate 400 unnecessary emails a year per manager on tasks they already know will be coming their way.

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Thank you, Phil. I’ll look into the Flowsana integration. Would this be something that the entire team would need the integration set up, or could I, as the project manager, get the integration to set up the project and no one else involved would need it?

By the way,
Have you adjusted your manager’s notification settings?

It’s the latter. The rest of your team just needs to use the project as normal and Flowsana will do the work in the background.