Option to "Check if > Assignee is not one of..." in the Rule Builder

The new rule builder has been awesome. The current options to trigger rules “when task is assigned > check if” are great. I would love to have an additional option to “check if > Assignee is not one of…”

The current operators (check if conditions) available are; Assignee is… , Assignee is not… , Assignee is one of… , Assignee is not set"

I have a rule that sets a custom field value based on the assignee. The branches of the rule which work wonderfully for setting that value when staff are assigned. The problem I have run into is keeping a branch up-to-date with all the current emails of interns, who change quarterly. Having a branch for which I could select “Assignee is not one of…” and then filling that field with the names of the staff who I have other rule branches for would ensure that the rule never became outdated and would reduce maintenance.

The option would essentially act as an “exclude” function similar to the filters which exist in some other areas of Asana.

Screenshot of the current options in the new rule builder (with conditions and branching).
Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 10.29.48 AM