Optimizing multiple projects per task

I have one project called “Support” where I’m collecting client support requests. I’m linking each of those requests to each client’s project (eg. “Client A” project) so that I can choose to view all open requests across all clients & team members, or all requests for a given client alongside other work. That said, I’d like to be able to do 2 things:

  • Sort by my “Client A” projects within my “Support” project, the same way I can sort by tasks’ status or assignee

  • Within my “Client A” project, create a rule that sorts tasks into a section based on what other project they’re in (eg. all tasks that come from the “Support” project would automatically be moved into a ‘Support’ section in the “Client A” project)

I hope that makes sense…? Basically, I want to make better use of tasks living within multiple projects!

Hi @Kelli_Willcoxson, I’m Richard, an Asana Solution Partner and volunteer Forum leader.

I believe I have understood what you want!

For starters, you could enable the ‘Projects’ fields from the ‘Hide’ button along the top left area of your project, next to the ‘Filter’ and ‘Sort’ buttons, however you cannot sort by the ‘Projects’ field or Group by within sections.

So in order to create your own sections in your ‘Support’ project, where each section will display the name of your client, I suggest you create a single-select field called ‘Client’, with each option being the name of a client - the current limit is 500 options, therefore a maximum of 500 clients. You can also colour each client option as you like, perhaps a colour that’s closely matches their logo, or colour code by client-type perhaps.

Note that the sort order of your clients within your single-select field will also reflect in the order your clients are sorted in your ‘Support’ project. Make sure to add this field to your library so that you can use it in other projects also. You can also add rules so that when a client is selected from your ‘Client’ field, then add that task to that client’s relative project. And if you add your ‘Client’ field to each client project, you could create a reverse rule so that each task created in the client’s project, gets added to the support project, if that would be useful.

Once your ‘Client’ field is added to your ‘Support’ project, go through each task and set your ‘Client’ field appropriately. Once that’s done, you can either sort, or group by this field to get the layout you want to achieve in your ‘Support’ project.

If you’d like to dig deeper or require any additional help, feel free to DM me - I offer professional consulting services to help companies and teams get the most out of Asana, or quick 1:1 support calls.

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