Open Cards in Asana from messages from Whatsapp

I would like to open cards in Asana from messages coming from Whatsapp. Does anyone know if this type of integration exists? Thanks.

Hello @Claudio_Barizon

There is no asana + whatsapp integration that I am aware off. You can check all integrations in the below link

If it is important to you, I would suggest presenting a user case on the flow, reason this integration would be useful, and the improvement it will give to the work at hand that Asana does not currently have. You can then add it as a product feedback where other asana users can vote on the feature and we can bring it to the attention of asana product dev team :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Thank you, Rashad for your answer and attention! :slight_smile:

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Always a pleasure @Claudio_Barizon dont hesitate to jump into the community any time you have a question! :slight_smile: