Only want to upgrade specific users to a business plan

Also +1 for this feature. We are also a small company but just the two founders would need these features right now. Otherwise it’s too cost extensive if we would upgrade for every employee. Especially during Covid-19 you think about an investment like these :slight_smile: Any updates Asana Team?

I am genuinely shocked that this is not possible. The whole point of Portfolios is for reporting, which by its nature is done by higher levels within the organisation in order to track things from more of a birds eye view. Why would the Interns and working students need this or the workload feature. It is absurd to expect a company already using premium to upgrade the entire company to business for a high level feature that is, I believe, only really intended to be used by a few people at the company!
@Marie could you at least give some insights into the justification/reasoning behind this?


Asana team,

I look forward to seeing you all resolve this issue. Especially taking into consideration small businesses that are being mindful of unnecessary spending.

We look forward to a fix to this challenge.

I’m in the same boat as everyone else here. For Asana to say it’s not something they’re considering at the moment - really? The thought never passed your mind? - is crazy. My company is very likely to switch PM tools, just because four of us can’t get the Business plan.

We are also testing out different options to solve this problem also. Right now we are using MS project along with Asana but it seems like there has to be a better option. Keep us posted in what you figure out.

HI Asana,

I would like to add my name here to the long list of companies and teams that need a multilayered billing plan for people on the same teams on Workspaces.

As has been noted by many, Microsoft Office 365 offers this, Users of Asana need this functinoality - the possibilty to assign a Premium licence to certain users (Technical users) and a Business licence to other users (Project Managers users)

Please listen to us.

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+1 here, it would tip the balance in my organisations choice of software for team resource and project management. As it stands I may as well stay with the lightweight planner tool built into 365

Totally agree- want to be able to upgrade some specific users to be able to use portfolios

+1 we need to be able to upgrade some but not all of our org to business - this is a feature we really want.

I agree! The ONLY thing anyone in my org needs Business for is form branching on TWO projects. Please don’t make me Zap anymore!