Only want to upgrade specific users to a business plan

I’m new to this topic - and Asana - currently onboarding for a project manager role with a small agency. I’m very disappointed this isn’t available! I could really use access to Portfolios/Resourcing but know it is not needed by others in the company so a total waste of money and not likely to be a priority.

Others on this thread, have you all stuck with Asana despite this or have you found another tool?

It’s been four years and this still isn’t implemented. We have 150 people here, and only a dozen or so of us need the features of the business plan. Effectively doubling the price is not a reasonable option, and it appears we’ll need to go elsewhere for reporting tools.


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Well, Asana, you have potentially helped seal the deal for us to move our organisation out of Asana and into your biggest competitor.

It is nonsensical to force an entire organisation to upgrade to “business” when only a handful of users need access to features such as portfolio.

Asana, from a project management perspective is next to useless without portfolios, goals and reports.

I mentioned forcing an entire org to upgrade to business being nonsensical, obviously, to Asana their focus is on maximising revenue and not on user experience. This is a short-sighted view that will ultimately lead to long-term loss.

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Which tool are you migrating to, Paul? This is one of many features we need too, along with holiday scheduling. We’re paying for Business right now but it’s hard to justify it as the business grows given only 3 of us need the full list of features.

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Asana does have some options for upgrading that does not require the whole organisation to upgrade from Premium to Business.

This thread has been going on for a long time, so I am not sure if people have become aware of it, but given the last comment was only a few days ago, I thought that it might be useful.

Divisions → If you have multiple divisions in your organisation i.e. Finance, Sales, Production etc, you can make a request to have just a single division upgraded by contacting Asana Sales (I don’t think you can create divisions yourself either, I think it needs to be requested). It also looks like you can have specific administrators for each Division which makes sense too.

Link to Asana website
Asana - Divisions

FYI probably the best resource for info on Divisions is the forum post referenced above:

Hi all, I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a single user with a business plan create a workspace and invite other users on the free plan to view projects and possibly even collaborate? Like many of you my organization doesn’t have a need for every user to have these features, but only one (myself) to create portfolios, create/edit templates, etc. I have been trying to test this, but I was automatically enrolled in a trial of the business plan and am unsure if in 30 days some of my team members will lose access to what we currently have.

Unfortunately, Asana doesn’t really listen to its small business operators. Their sales team doesn’t even response. If I find the time, I will change over to Click Up.

Can we help with something here, @Els_Van_de_Veire?



Years later and it seems theres no movement on this, massive dealbreaker. Only a few of us need portfolios… why would we upgrade every single person to this