Adding Asana Advanced users to an existing account

We currently have an Asana Starter plan with 20 seats.

We would like to add 3 Asana Advanced seats to our existing subscription for product marketers to provide them with access to portfolios for reporting purposes. The use case is for product marketers who work across multiple projects supporting various projects. The portfolio capabilities make it simple to track projects across product lines and company initiatives.

I’ve engaged with Asana support who has told me that the only way to upgrade to Advanced feature access would be to move all licenses to Advanced, at an additional cost of at least $280/month, which would more than double our cost. We’re more than happy to pay for an incremental 3-5 Advanced Licenses but not everyone needs that functionality for such a limited use case.

Is this accurate or consistent with the experience of others who are trying to address different use cases within a single account?

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Hi @Amanda_Myers2 and welcome to the forum,

Yes, what Support told you is accurate.

The only other option - not sure if they mentioned this or not - is that you could have them set up a separate Team or Division (where a Division allows for multiple Teams within it) for those 3 users within your organization and that Team/Division could be on the Advanced plan. BUT that team and its projects is then a separate silo that’s not accessible to the rest of the organization, so it’s unlikely that would be helpful in your use case. I just wanted to mention it for completeness sake.

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I think your request is close to this suggestion. Please vote for it.