How to manage Asana Seats

I have recently upgraded to a business organization in Asana. I have purchased only two seats for now. The thing is I am getting a banner at the top saying ‘Your Organization is over its user limit.’ and asking to purchase more seats.

But now I want to have only two seats and later will upgrade according to my need. I can see asana has that feature. But as i can see i have 1 seat over my purchased amount. How can I assign seat to a specific user? Seems all three users having company email are getting premium access. So I assume that means at the end of the month I will be charged accordingly.

So my question is how can I assign my purchased seats only and remove the extra seat that I have not purchased.

Hi @Ahsan_Aasim, welcome to the forum!

Organization’s membership is based on its domain. This means every user with an email address associated with your Organization will be added as Member and will count towards the number of seats in your paid plan. You can remove any extra members from the Members tab in your Admin Console.

If you have any questions about your paid plan and billing, do not hesitate contacting our support team:

I hope this helps!

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Dear All

Sorry if not in the right place but since this discussion is similarly related I am posting my question here.

I have a business asana account with 2 seats. This is within an organization. I have a custom domain name created. I created a team for my colleagues and I to work in with myself as the billing member. Now I would like to add a 2nd team utilizing my 2nd seat allocating it to another email with the same domain as the billing account. How can I go about this?

Otherwise at the moment the 2nd seat can only be used with the team, seems a bit of a waste?

I would appreciate any clarity on this please

Kind regards


Hi @Chad_Swart,

I’m not quite understanding…

Both seats/users will be members of the organization. Within that, either or both users can be a member of any team(s) within that organization; there’s no cost difference by team in this scenario.

You don’t allocate specific seats only to a specific team; maybe that’s the confusion?

Hi @Phil_Seeman

Thanks for your reply, maybe my explanation not so clear. I want to utilize both business seats I have in 2 separate teams. I know I can create multiple teams but trying to allocate a business seat to another team if I am capable?

I would like have the same customizations within projects in a 2nd team. Allocating one of my seats to a member within that team? Or as you you indicated the seat is allocated within the organization, does the member not carry his seat into a new team created?

Correct, the seat is allocated to the organization. That seat and the member who its assigned to can be used in any/all teams within the organization.

(Note: for completeness for others who may be reading this, I’ll say that there are some complex setups where this is not the case, but nothing you’ve said indicates any of that is relevant for you.)

Just use your two seats for you and your colleague, then set up whatever teams you’d like, and add either or both of you to any/all of those teams as team members.

Hi @Phil_Seeman

Thanks for your reply, confirmation and explanation. I must admit that after reading this I went into my billing and found the problem. My seats are allocated to the Team and not the Organization. This is probably why I was not able to allocate the seat outside of the team. It got allocated to another member but only within the specific team.

I will have to request support from Asana to see if I can switch the seats I have to the organization.

Thanks again for the support.

That’s surprising; that’s one of those “complex scenarios” I mentioned, but I didn’t think it would apply to you since the only way you can have a separately-billed team like that is to have Asana Sales or Support to set it up like that for you. Yes, definitely contact Support as you say.

So if I remove members they will no longer count towards my seats correct?


Correct. If they are removed from the organization the seat will become available.
BUT your paid seat count will stay the same.
For instance, my org had 6 members, so we were paying for the 10 seat tier (Since they are in increments of 5.) We removed one member from the organization, which reduced our seats used to 5, but we also had to manually “reduce seats” to get back down to the 5 seat tier. Asana doesn’t automatically assume that if you remove a user you’re not going to re-fill the seat.
Does that make sense?

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