How to manage Asana Seats

I have recently upgraded to a business organization in Asana. I have purchased only two seats for now. The thing is I am getting a banner at the top saying ‘Your Organization is over its user limit.’ and asking to purchase more seats.

But now I want to have only two seats and later will upgrade according to my need. I can see asana has that feature. But as i can see i have 1 seat over my purchased amount. How can I assign seat to a specific user? Seems all three users having company email are getting premium access. So I assume that means at the end of the month I will be charged accordingly.

So my question is how can I assign my purchased seats only and remove the extra seat that I have not purchased.

Hi @Ahsan_Aasim, welcome to the forum!

Organization’s membership is based on its domain. This means every user with an email address associated with your Organization will be added as Member and will count towards the number of seats in your paid plan. You can remove any extra members from the Members tab in your Admin Console.

If you have any questions about your paid plan and billing, do not hesitate contacting our support team:

I hope this helps!