One email address connected to multiple Asana members?

Newbie/low tech user here… As an Asana user, I have two of my emails linked to Asana and can create a task for myself in Asana. Once in Asana if I choose, I can reassign the task to a co-worker.

My question: we have established two emails - Claims@ and Statements@ (both with our domain name) can two Asana users each add these two emails to their Asana account? Ideally then when a new task in Asana is needed, the correct Assignee can be selected right at the beginning in Outlook?

Greatful for you replys.

No, however:

  1. You can set email forwarding Asana & Email: emails to tasks, apps, & more | Product guide • Asana
  2. Rule that when assigned to one it as the other as collaborator
  3. Log onto both accounts using different browser profiles (Chrome)
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