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I have a team member, who used to be a guest (with her own email address), but has since joined the team officially, has a company email address and thus is part of our Organisation on Asana.

Irritatingly though, if I want to assign her to a task, and start typing her name, BOTH email addresses pop up on the auto-complete drop-down menu. This has caused confusion in the team as its so easy to select the wrong address, and this affects my bandwidth planning and productivity reporting!

Any tips or ideas on how I can get Asana to “forget” her personal email address so that only the company email address is available as an auto-complete option?

(I have already removed the old account from our team, but her old account still pops up)

Hi @Chantelle_Crawford, Happy Monday!

Thanks for reaching out.

Great question, it seems the team member has two separate Asana accounts (one linked to the Guest’s email address and one linked to the company email address).

What I recommend her to do is to merge both accounts. By doing so, only one account will appear when you assign them a task.

You can find more information in this thread: Merge 2 Asana Accounts? and this Asana Guide article.

Let me know if you have additional questions. Have a great day!

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@Emily_Roman that worked perfectly, thanks!