One Asana Account - Multiple Users

Our team has a couple work emails that multiple people have access to, and regularly work out of. We would like to mirror this for our work in Asana. Is there any way multiple people can be logged in, and work in, the same Asana account? Or, does each team member have to have their own personal Asana account?

Hi @Leah_Frazee

In theory, you should be able to set it up that way, but I can’t see an immediate advantage in doing it. There wouldn’t be a clear way of tracking who’s responsible for completing tasks, for example. With individual accounts, you can directly assign tasks, and accountability is very easy to manage.

Is there a particular reason why you’d want to have a single account for multiple people?

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I would need to do this as I’m covering for someone who will be out on maternity leave. Can we both be logged into the same Asana account at the same time?

Hello Laura welcome to the Asana forum. Multiple log ins shouldn’t be a problem.

Hello! When going from Premium 30 day Trial back to the unpaid version of Asana, the profile that had 2 people logging in from different computers is the only one in the team not working (showing the “your free trial has ended - upgrade” message. Do you know if the problem is that two people are logging in from different computers or if it is something else?

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @anon51738932!

Please ask them to click “Select your Plan” or sometimes I think it is called “Compare Plans”, then on the new page you should be able to select the free one and the pop-up should disappear