One Command Center (Home / Inbox) Across All Workspaces

Asana has so many incredible features - the Home and Inbox being just a couple. But, having said that, I can’t understand why a centralize command center that allows you to see all Workspaces wasn’t a main feature from the get go is stunning to me and for me and a lot of other business owners I know is a key reason why I wouldn’t be able to switch to using Asana. For anyone who’s using Asana in a robust way and not just a product for one or two projects I don’t see how anyone could use Asana WITHOUT having multiple Workspaces.
When can we expect this as a key feature? It seems like it’s the one thing Asana is missing to really be in line with key project management software players in the industry.

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I recommend upvoting this existing thread: Unified inbox across workspaces and organizations

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Like @Andrea_Mayer I would recommend upvoting Unified inbox across workspaces and organizations and adding your comment directly there @Suzanne_Aistrop! I believe there is also some integrations allowing you to manage different Asana space in one place, Taco is one of them, but there may be more in Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana

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