Onboarding teams

The challenge for me has been where to start with a new team, especially if they lack organization. I have tried several approaches depending on how much information is documented and provided regarding current processes. For cross-functional teams that manage complex workflows, I have found that I need to obtain a thorough understanding of the tasks, processes, dependencies, and collaborators involved in order to recommend project build recommendations to leaders. So, my initial role is to help them organize their work.


Let me tell you about my experience :grinning:. I started to use Asana more decisively about three months ago. The first step was to set up the work of the 4 projects I manage in my IT Development Business Unit. I also used the GTD setup guide to set up GTD (and related projects) in my Asana space.
In each project I organized the sections and inserted the various tasks (dates, descriptions, priorities, work progress status).
As final step I inserted in the tasks the Service Request of the customers, the link to GitLab and generated the gantt with Instagantt.
At the end of this work I organized one-to-one sessions with the Team Lead of each project to help them learn the main features of Asana.
Next, I asked the Team Leader to engage all of his team members and have him lead a training session.
At the end of the training session I asked each Team Leader to ditch their excel sheets, microsoft project, etc. and use Asana for Project Management.
However, my work is not done. :roll_eyes: Motivation grows with daily work and verification of the benefits achieved. :blush:
Now I’m working with the other company structures (Demand Manager and Service Manager) to involve them on the use that IT Development is making of Asana in project management.
Let’s move forward with optimism! :grinning:


Congrats @n.petruzzi !

I’m sure that showing the team who are being onboarded the success that the ones who are already using has is a great tool for full adoption!

All the best!

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Loving ASANA! Our current team would love a purpose built on boarding program that we could direct new hires to. That way they can learn the basics of ASANA and quickly adapt to how our team works! We’ll begin working on this soon but any ideas or input from another ASANA pro would certainly help.