Onboarding team - one shows as a guest instead of member?

Hi - I’m setting up my team with our premium seats. My boss is showing up now as a Guest instead of a Member.

She does have a different email domain than I do, because some of us get an email with the domain of the company we work with and some get an email with the domain of our parent company. How can I make sure she gets “member” status? She will absolutely need access to the premium features, as well.

I think you can reach out to Asana support to ask them for several domains to be added to your account. In the mean time, it does not change much (your boss will be limited for some features).

I am facing the same concern, our sister company had the asana account created first, therefore, all employees regardless of the domain were formed on the sister concern. But now, we have access to the business features on the parent company. How can we make the switch to everyone moving onto the parent company asana account without losing the projects and teams formed and still getting to access the premium features?

What was the solution reached for your organization?

Hi @Sidra_Dara and thank you for reaching out!

I would recommend you to contact our Support Team who will be best suited to assist you wit this issue! To contact them, simply follow these steps: How do I contact support

Have a nice day!