How do I create a guest read only view of a project?

I would like to share one of my projects with some of my coworkers who are not premium Asana members.

How do I go about inviting them as a guest so they are not a part of our premium plan? I see how to invite people to a project but it is not clear whether or not they will then be considered a premium member on my company’s plan.

@Erin_Gray I believe if they have the same domain email address as you they will be counted as users. @Marie is that correct?


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@Marie Is there a work around to not have to use a personal/ non org email?

My use case here is that some of my coworkers do not need access to the premium features, I simply want them to be able to view a project timeline.

If possible I’d prefer to be able to use their organizational/domain email to grant them guest access rather than having to ask them for their personal email.

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Hi @Erin_Gray! @Jason_Woods is right, if your colleagues share the same email domain than you, they will automatically count toward your Premium plan. By definition, a Guest in Asana is someone that uses a different domain than yours (Asana FAQs and common questions | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide), so if they have their own email, no worries you can add them for free.

The only workaround to add your colleagues for free if they share your domain is to add them with their personal email address.

Hope this makes sense; let me know if you have any follow up questions, I’ll be happy to clear any doubt you might have! :slight_smile:


The other option might be @Bastien_Siebman has a site which makes the Asana page visible without Asana Access. Have a look and see if that provides a workable workaround.