% of subtasks left to be completed

it would be helpful to see a % of subtasks left to be completed on a project at the top-level board view. The presence of the % could also double as an indicator that the task has subtasks as requested here.

I know a lot of people have asked about adding progress status to individual tasks.

Would it be a good idea to link such a progress to the number of completed subtasks?
I know that Kanbanize works like this.

eg. If you have 5 subtasks, then each one you check off shows its parent task as being 20% more completed. When you have checked all 5, the task itself is completed.

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Hi @Alex_Bailey1 :wave: and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

We already have a thread requesting this feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with it to consolidate feedback and votes. I hope it’s OK.


Hi Devs, just a suggestion for a feature here. I’m using the free version so apologies if this is a feature in the paid version.

On the task card, the number of comments is indicated in the bottom right corner, so it would be great if it could display the number of completed subtasks as well (e.g., 4/10 would indicate that four out of the 10 subtasks have been completed).

It would help users see how the tasks are progressing at a glance without having to click in the task.



Got my vote - We are moving over from Trello and being able to see how many subtasks are complete / incomplete without opening a card saves plenty of time. Also just being able to see which card HAVE subtasks is good (Save clicking on each one to find out)


Continuing the discussion from Subtask status/indicators in boards:

In relation to this great new feature, could it possibly be modified to show how many subtasks are outstanding. Eg 5 of 10 etc.

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Hi @Tim_Jasper :wave: Thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

There is an existing thread regarding this functionality, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post to avoid duplications. I hope It’s OK.

I’ll make sure to keep you posted in this main thread as soon as I hear anything on my end!

Have a great week Tim! :slight_smile:

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Essential feature!