Number formatting of "estimated time" in charts in hours instead of days

Please, please can this be addressed. Who on earth thought time format in 24hr days was a good choice? Who works this way?

How hard can it be to change this to decimal?


Great work around, but this new field that is created is not supported by the “Time entered date” filter


This workaround is ridiculous. Are we expected to pay for Asana Business and also make a common sense time reporting workarounds for every single project. Will Asana reimburse us for the time it takes to implement this across 28 projects? This is not difficult developmentally to always show time in hh:mm format, that’s it. It’s 2 lines of code.

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Hi @Anastasia_Golovko , seeing you are new to the forum (welcome :wave: ) you may not realize that I don’t work for Asana - I’m a volunteer forum leader and an Asana Solutions Partner that helps people make the most out of Asana, including such workarounds to get over any road blocks and work with what we’ve got.

I also agree with you, clearly the majority of businesses work in hours and I would also prefer to see the charts in dashboards to display as such by default.

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Would be much more useful to show reporting in number of hours vs. grouping in 24 hour days/7 day weeks. Please fix!

Hey @Lindsay_Killian , appreciate your frustration but did you try this?