Now available: Video messaging to increase team engagement and collaboration 🎥

@Rebecca_McGrath I noticed the video button is back on my account. Does this mean the feature is now rolled out, or still in the testing phase? Thanks!


Hi Asana Community! :wave:

Great news— video messaging in Asana, powered by Vimeo , is back!

The team has been hard at work making improvements and we’re excited to bring this feature to our customers again. Be sure to login to your Asana instance to start using video messaging today.

What’s different about this “new” video messaging?
Video messaging in Asana, powered by Vimeo, operates the same as it always has. If you already used this feature, you’ll notice you can still record a video message, preview and share it, and keep work moving forward with searchable transcripts.

Please keep in mind that previously recorded and new videos created with your associated Vimeo account will be viewable to anyone with the link. To delete a video or change a video’s privacy settings, log into Vimeo and adjust it from the Vimeo video library.

If you do not have a Vimeo account, you will need to either sign-up for one to access these privacy settings or deactivate the video messaging feature within Asana to delete the video.

And as always, let us know your thoughts and feedback! What are some ways this feature will help you inspire teams in the new year, especially when you’re not all in one place? Comment below and please share how we can further improve on the way you and your teams collaborate together. Thanks for your patience!


Wuhuu great update @Kimberlea :partying_face:
Now I can record some nice Xmas videos for team members also hehe

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Fabulous! I see this in the browser version but not in the desktop app. Do you know when it will be available there?

I’ve tried logging out and in again with out success.


Desktop app:


As far as I know this is planned and eventually Vimeo plugin will be bundled and delivered with Desktop App as well. It is just not first priority of things to do at the moment.

Hi @Kimberlea I don’t see this available in my org. yet. Is it still being rolled out to all customers?

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Hi. What is the storage limit?

Hi @brunoborgiez and welcome to the forum,

According to the documentation, there’s no limit.

You can record no more than 2 videos before having to create a Vimeo account. Once you try to record a third, you will prompted to create a free Vimeo account which can then be used to record unlimited videos up to two hours in length.

Once your account is set up, you can now record unlimited videos within Asana.

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Thanks for the heads up @TrevorWiser - I saw this new feature appear in my Asana accounts & was ecstatic.

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Are there plans to allow us to add other videos that we have already made in our linked Vimeo account to the comment section and have Asana handle the link the same way?

Currently, Asana unfurls the link to the new Vimeo screen recording and creates a preview image of the video. However, if I add a link of a video from my Vimeo account in the comment section manually it doesn’t provide that feature.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Garth! The video preview currently appears for videos recorded via Asana, it won’t appear for existing Vimeo videos added with a link. We will consider your feedback for future updates!

I’m closing this thread for now but please feel free to ask any questions in the #tipsandtricks category and share your feedback in the #productfeedback category! Thank you!


Hi everyone! :wave:t4:

Have you heard the good news? Asana and Vimeo have been named a Top 3 Joint Venture by Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies 2022 list for recognizing our Video Messaging feature!

Like peanut butter and jelly, great duos are better together. With video messaging in Asana, powered by Vimeo, you can inspire teams while reducing the need for more meetings.

We’re thrilled to have this feature out in our customers’ hands and look forward to continue bringing value with future partnerships.


Right now the vimeo feature is only available in the Chrome Browser. Are there plans to offer it for Firefox or Mozilla?


Yeah it is unfortunate we can only have this “peanut butter and jelly” sandwich when we are eating in the Google/Microsoft Foodcourt. I see in the Vimeo & Asana | Product Guide this information noted as an “Asana Tip”. Unfortunately, that is a sad tip for any Safari/Firefox users. :frowning_face:

@Emily_Roman is providing Vimeo video recording functionality to Safari and Firefox something that is in the pipeline or at least on the table as something we could possibly see in the future?


I rec’d an email yesterday from someone else at Asana who said they have had many requests from Firefox users for this feature and that while “asana doesn’t speak in advance of programming changes” he was “hopeful” it will be rolled out for Firefox soon.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Garth and @Chris_Harris2! We are working to add support for Safari & Firefox. We don’t have an ETA to provide at this time but we will make sure to post any updates in the forum!


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Hi everyone! :wave:

Excited to share that we heard your feedback and have now made video messaging available on Safari, in addition to currently being supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

We hope this additional support helps you record video messages in Asana and as always, let us know if you have any questions in the #forum-en:tips category. Thanks!