Notified when a team creates a project?



I’m part of around 25 teams and part of the management overlooking all teams.
I would like to be able to be notified when a project is created in a team so that I can track it and add it to my reference project.

What I do today is that I from time to time scan all teams to see if a new project is created.
Is there an esier way to set this up? The best would of course to get a task link automaticly to my reference project.

Any ideas?

Much appreciated!


I can’t think of anything… I thought about a custom search for projects you are not a member of, but that is not possible.

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Hi @Finn_Stenberg

We have a similar situation where our team leader needs to be notified every time someone sets up a new development project. We solved this by requiring that everyone use the same template. We created the project, made our team leader a member, then saved it as as template. Every time someone creates a new project from that template, the team leader gets a notification and adds it to her dashboard.

In our case, that’s easier because everyone’s creating almost identical projects each time. If you’re dealing with multiple different projects in your case, you could just create a blank project, with you as a member, and save that as a template. Everyone would be able to customise it in their own way but you would always receive a notification to say that it had been created.


I use Zapier. I have it set up to email me when a new Team, Project, or user is created.

It’s 3 simple “zaps,” so it works under a free account.

When you are trying to stay on top of everything, it’s difficult when things are being created without you knowing about it, but you don’t want to impede users from creating what they need.

Would be better if Asana did it, instead of needing an outside tool. Add a request for notifications to the Product Feedback category and I’ll vote for it.


Hi, create a IFTTT recipe… There is a trigger when a new project is created.


Good idea, I will try that! Thanks!


Hum… IFTTT created project recipe does not work (Failed to validate error message)… :worried:


Hi @Vince_Mustachio surely on this page: they mean when something is added and not when you added something? Just wondering…


Yes, I’m almost certain that is what they mean.

I use the Zapier triggers for New Project, New Team, and New User, and whenever someone adds a Project, Team, or User, that I have access to, I get notified.

Zapier integration triggers question

Perfect, thanks


I think this is the first time anyone has ever used the word perfect to describe anything I’ve done.

I’m taking the rest of the week off. :wink: