Notifications in Linked Slack Channel

Currently the notifications that are given in a Slack channel from a linked project are:

  • A task is added to the project
  • A task is completed in project
  • The due date is changed on any task in the project
  • The assignee is changed on any task in the project

I’d like to suggest:

  1. Messages posted to the Asana project are also notified in a linked Slack channel.
  2. Additionally, comments to tasks are added as a notification, as those are often the most easily missed.
  3. You can have the option to turn off any of individual notifications listed above, as not all are always necessary and can overcrowd a slack channel.

Alternately you could enable the ability to sync an individual’s Asana Inbox to the Asana Slackbot to be able to view and manage all notifications from there as well.

Thank you.