Choose Types of Slack Notifications

This seems to have been asked before with zero responses anywhere so here’s a bump.

I love the idea of linking slack to a project. It’s perfect. BUT it notifies you of every little change that happens in the project. My coworker made a bunch of bulk edits and everyone got 20+ slack notificaitons at once.

There needs to be a way to choose WHICH actions send a slack notification. For example, i only want to be notified when tasks are created in the project. That’s it.

I’ve tried slack settings and the project notification settings but nothing seems to control this. I’ll inevitably have to unlink this project because it’s unbearable otherwise.


Hi @Michal_Bednarczyk, thanks for reaching out! If you link a specific project to a Slack channel and you enable notifications, you will be notified when:

  • A task is added to the project
  • A task is completed in the project
  • The due date is changed on any task in the project
  • The assignee is changed on any task in the project

If you want to receive notifications only when a new task is added to the project, you can try setting the new Slack custom notifications using Asana rules:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

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