Notices of delay activities on Microsoft Outlook

Is there a solution to have a daily e-mail notification (I have Microsoft Outlook) that warning me about the delayed activities day by day?
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Hi @M.M, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! As it stands, the email notifications don’t include overdue tasks. As a workaround, you can enable the daily summary email notifications to receive reminders for tasks that are due soon: Email notifications | Product guide • Asana

Alternatively, if you have Asana Business or Enterprise, you can setup a Rule to make a specific action on the task when it is overdue. Then you can enable activity updates email notifications to receive emails about these actions: Rules • Asana

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With Asana’s rules I can’t set up e-mail, it just makes me choose only MS Teams, Slack, Jira, etc … but not e-mail.
Am I doing something wrong?
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Hi @M.M, thanks for getting back to me! You don’t need to set up an Asana Rule to send you an email. The Rule will just need to make an action on the task, for example, add a comment “this task is overdue for X days” or update the custom field to “Overdue tasks”. Once the rule is triggered, the task will be included in your Activity email notifications or Daily Summary: Email notifications | Product guide • Asana.

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