Not Receiving Notifications in Slack for Asana

Hi there,

There are 2 users in Asana and Slack on our team. My co-workers receives any changes/notifications/tasks assigned to her on Asana, in Slack.
I however, am not receiving any notifications in Slack.
I have made sure my notifications settings are all turned on, I logged off in both Apps’ and back on and it is still not working.

Help please?

Hi @Sarah_Miller1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Could you try to download the Asana for Slack app from this link? Once the integration is installed, please type /asana settings in Slack and confirm your notifications are turn on and you are in the right domain.

If you would like to receive notifications from a specific project, you would need to link it to a channel first. Type /asana link and you’ll see the option to choose and connect your project to the channel. You can also use /asana link to turn off channel notifications.

I hope this helps!

Hi Emily,

I’ve done all of this, and unfortunately it still doesn’t work…

For example:
When I assign Tonia a task in Asana, she gets a notification in the Asana channel in Slack. But when she assigns me a task in Asana, nothing happens. It’s very strange.

I sent Tonia a message in the Asana channel, and once I hit Send, a whole slew of ‘directions’ populated from Asana…ones I’ve already seen. (See screenshot).

Thanks for getting back to me, @Sarah_Miller1! Please note that personal notifications are not sent when you are active in Asana. In order to test if this is what is happening, you can close all Asana tabs in your browser, restart Slack and request to your colleague to assign you a task in Asana.

If you are not active in Asana and you are still not receiving notifications, I recommend you contacting our support team to investigate this further: How to contact our Support Team ✉

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