No comment-edit on IOS 12


Hi there,
Anyone else having that problem on iOS 12 public beta?
There is no edit-field for comments :man_shrugging:


Hi @Arndt_Dienstbier! We’re aware of this issue; it is directly related to the fact that iOS 12 is still beta but our team is on it!


Ahh. Thought it was just a feature. Didn’t think it would be a bug. You can comment if it’s appeared in your inbox as a notification but otherwise it’s just as you have shown in your screenshot. Looking forward to the update then, as I really like this app!!


I’m having the same problem on iOS 12. That is terrible :frowning:


Thanks for the additional information @Ant_Mitchell! I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end!


Same issue here. Glad it’s not just me!


Is there any ETA on when an update will be released to solve this?


Hi @Parham! Our Team is currently releasing a fix, but it might take another couple of days before it reaches all our users. Keep an eye on your App Store! :slight_smile:


Having same problem here! Much appreciated for the help! Hope can fix it in the coming days…


Hi guys! This bug should now be resolved, can you confirm this is the case on your end? Many thanks for your patience!