Syncing of Comment Drafts

At the moment when I enter text in a task comment field on iOS, it doesn’t show up on that task when I open it in Chrome. Having this would be such a helpful feature.

Assuming you a click the :arrow_forward: to post the comment?

There was another post by someone having issues using the Mobile App with an external keyboard, with posting comments…


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Not Posting, Just having text entered in the comment field.

Hi @Hans_Rippel, since the iOS and web app are completely distinct systems, changes you’re drafting from the mobile app won’t be live in the web version until you actually hit teh “Send” button.

I don’t believe we’re planning to make any change in the near future, but thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

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It may not seem like a big deal but after having this feature with Telegram, it seems almost unthinkable not to have it, much like universal copy and past on apple devices (when it works).

Yes it would be extremely helpful. Gmail has it why Asana shouldn’t