Some tasks are showing as "Comment Only" in the mobile app while they aren't



I am getting the notification “You have comment-only access to this project’s tasks and can only complete tasks assigned to you.” whenever I try to complete a subtask in any of my projects on mobile. I checked both Asana for my iPhone and Asana for my iPad. Same issue. This doesn’t happen on the desktop. It’s weird because this is both in my personal workspace and organization workspace, and the comment-only feature is only even available to premium users in teams and organizations. I looked up how to change this setting, and of course cannot follow the steps because I am not a premium user. There simply isn’t an option. Is anyone else experiencing this error? Is it just me?

Assign Privileges using comment-only projects

Thanks for the report @Brionte and apologies for the trouble here; our team is currently working on this issue and should have it fixed very soon; I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update! Apologies for the inconvenience caused and thanks for the report!


@Brionte Just got word that our Development Team has pushed a fix for this; it should be live early next week! Marking this one resolved for now, but please let me know if the issue persists after next week update!


I appreciate the super quick response and fix. Y’all are awesome! Thanks!


I’ve been having the same issue. Have not seen the update yet. I’m on new iOS 12 and app has been updated. Please fix quickly as I’m tired of repeating myself in the morning meeting because I can’t mark complete.


HI @Lance_Robbins and welcome to the Forum. I can confirm the fix has been pushed and should be live in the app store by the end of today! Thanks for your patience, really appreciate it!


Thank you, Marie!