No access to section duplication

I saw from this post that section duplication should now be live for all users:

I don’t seem to have access to this in my environment; anyone else facing this issue?

Hi @Stephen_Li, could you share a screenshot of your project to help us understand why you’re not seeing this feature?

@Marie - this is what I see:

Thanks @Stephen_Li

Do you have any filters, Group By set up? If you could share a full screenshot that would be super helpful (feel free to DM me if you’d rather not share it on the public forum)/.

I saw in the communication that all users should be able to create a duplicate section within a project. However, I’m not seeing the capability available to me. Is it based on a plan level?
I logged out and back in to see if that fixed the issue, but it hasn’t. Thoughts? Is this really available to all users?

I am seeing the same thing and can’t find the ability to duplicate a section.

@Marie FYI I have the “Duplicate section” option in one of my workspaces but not in another.

This has been resolved now for me; thanks @Marie for the assistance!

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I also do not have access to this feature. We do not have any filters going.

I have DM’d a full screen shot.

Thanks for the reports, I’ll get in touch with our team and keep you posted here!

Hi Phil,
I’m currently in Asana and I don’t have the option next to the section to duplicate. How do we access?

Hi Franque,

I moved your post to a thread where others are having the same issue.

Per Marie, please create a topic to share your feedback:

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@Franque_Bains1 can you pelase share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Thanks

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