New workflow automation solution is available

Thanks Phil… I appreciate your response, and the limitations of Asana you have to work inside.

It seems that either Asana isn’t the right fit for my purposes, or I need to re-design my typical flow model to be completely lineal… which will be restrictive.

Is anybody with Asana watching this topic and care to weigh in on possible road map for enhancing Asana’s Timeline.


Phil, it’s very timely to hear that this project is now available. I consider this functionality critical to our organization’s decision to use Asana. (We plan an annual community festival, so I need to use the same projects year after year).
However, we’re already struggling to justify the cost of Asana for our community organization. Would you consider non-profit pricing arrangements?

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Hi @Brenna,

The automated billing system isn’t currently set up to handle multiple pricing levels but let me send you a Private Message and we can discuss further.

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Hi Phil…I’m also glad to hear about Flowsana and I’m the executive director for a small non-profit that could use a price break, if available.


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PS…does smartsheet provide this feature, Phil?

Hi @Steve_Moorhead,

I’ve sent you a Private Message re. your price question.

Regarding Smartsheet, while the implementation is a bit different, it does have essentially the equivalent of the Flowsana Auto-Adjust and Dynamic Duration Workflow functionality. It does not have the If-Then Rule capabilities that Flowsana includes.

Hey Phil, is Flowsana free after 30 days?

No… I’m hoping it will provide enough revenue that I can pay its expenses and provide such that I can continue developing and enhancing it - I have many ideas for cool automation capabilities!

The cost is $2.99/month (USD) per billable user, where billable users are the number of Asana users in your organizations/workspaces which have Flowsana workflows in place. Like Asana, there is no charge for guest members.


Hey @Phil_Seeman,

What a cool add-on. I’ve found wishing for this from my days with BaseCamp years ago!

I am wondering if Flowsana can also help me with another problem as well…
We want to automatically multiple subtasks.

My example is:
We need to automatically create a new task when someone books in a sales call.
Then we need 3-4 sub tasks created so that we are prepared for that sales call.

We currently use Zapier & Google Sheets to create the new task, but I’m stuck when creating multiple subtasks.

I’ve read your thread, and you seem to understand the user issues really well, so I’m throwing this out to you in case you know of a solution :slight_smile:

Hi @eClaire_Sowden and welcome to the forum!

Ah yes, what you’re asking for is essentially what I’m calling “task templates” - the ability to define a set of tasks and/or subtasks and then add the set as the result of a rule “IF” condition occurring.

It’s on the road map to add to Flowsana - I can’t promise when, but it’s definitely something people want!


+1 on your question already answer by @Phil_Seeman. This is something I’ve always desire since day one in asana for many years. Create a task that meets certain conditions and then create new tasks as a result. We managed something with zappier and a custom webhook to create our own engine a year ago but it required coding and we dont have all the resources to dedicate developers for that!

Count on us as clients ones this is available :slight_smile:



Hi Phil_Seeman this is exactly what I have been looking for. I am particularly interested in being able to set up for onboarding processes, having a template that has time durations set and once I know a new employee’s start date I can add that as the project start date and then the dates can pre-populate rather than manually doing it.

I would be the only one coordinating the project and needing to use the flowsana e.g date adjustments, all other project members will just have tasks assigned to them and shouldn’t really need to change dates or have workflow changes. I was just checking with your pricing would this mean I can just be hooked up with flowsana or because they are all part of a project I am using this on they all need to have flowsana?

Overall very excited that I found this capability exists.

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Hi @Mandy_Ford,

Yes, Flowsana’s Dynamic Duration Workflow type will do exactly what you describe here.

You would be the only one who would need to have a Flowsana account. In terms of billing, Flowsana uses a similar philosophy as Asana - the Flowsana cost is $2.99/month for each Asana user in teams having workflow-enabled projects (Flowsana calls these “billable users”). So the others in the project would be billable users since they are getting the benefits of Flowsana’s automation - but they don’t need to have Flowsana accounts.

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