New workflow automation solution is available



Thanks, @Vince_Mustachio! The rules are project-specific; you select a project and then specify the rule to add for that project. One of the main reasons for that design is that the Asana API doesn’t provide a way to be notified of changes across an organization, only on a per-project basis.

I do, however, have a “Copy Rule” function on the planned product roadmap to make it easy to copy an existing rule to additional projects without having to rebuild it for each one (although it only takes a few seconds to build a rule!).


Thanks, Larry! I initially considered a more open-ended rule-building approach like Zapier uses, but I know Zapier can be somewhat daunting with its complexity, so I opted instead for a more pre-built approach for its simplicity. As I just mentioned to Vince above, it literally takes just a few seconds and a handful of clicks to build a rule.


Thanks for the response. Both a global rule and a per Project rule would be nice. But if I had to pick one, the granularity of a per Project rule would win.

Your plan for a copy rule function in the future, will be a nice addition.


Great project @Phil_Seeman, nice implementation.

Any plans to make this available to free Asana users in future?
I see, you’re going towards what Butler did for Trello, and since I was one of their early users, would really like to try this If made available to all users.


Phil, once Flowsana is out of beta, is it expected to be a free, freemium, or paid service?


@D111, no plans to make Flowsana available for free Asana users at the moment - largely because it currently relies on the existence of start dates and custom fields for a bunch of its capabilities (which of course aren’t available on the free Asana plan). I would have to make a scaled-down version that provided a subset of capabilities for free Asana users. But “never say never” - it’s something I might consider in the future!


@MPrewitt, once out of beta, it’ll be a paid service. No final decision on a price point yet but it’ll be based on the number of users in one’s Asana organization.


Hi Phil,

Do you know when this will be rolled out?

Many thanks


Stay tuned here, news on that is coming today.