New to Asana, looking for suggestions on templates for our team

New to Asana, so far loving it.
We are an IT company that will have certain repetitive processes that I want to streamline.
For example, we are a VoIP deployment company, so we have multiple steps that lead us to an onsite installation.
What I want to do is to create a template in Asana so that we can label it as a client name, and then simply make adjustments in quantities.
Is there a way to have a task be completed before another task becomes activated?
For example, with out a completion of a “sale” there is no reason to even show the ordering of product, or scheduling of an install date and time.
Does that make sense?
Is there a good template for this type of process that I can use as a base?
We also onboard a new Managed services customer, or install camera systems.
I would like to have a project base for each of the things that we do as staples of the company.

Hi Alan,

There is currently no community template library feature in Asana.

I’ve built templates with 100+ task items in them; your template needs can certainly be met in Asana. Because of Asana’s flexibility, your final template could be assembled in a few different ways.

I’d say the best way to start might be using a spreadsheet to build out all steps from start to finish, or build a start to finish list in an Asana project.
Starting from a list will allow you to look at whole process while you think about how to best structure it in Asana. With a list already built in an Asana project, you can reassign, reconfigure, or restructure task to best fit your process.

You may find a list is best or you may see how a column layout works better, it really depends on the process.

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Hello Alan. Was wondering if you ever successfully completed your Onsite Installation template in Asana. We have a similar challenge, a lengthy set of steps and actions necessary to deploy a new customer with our SaaS-based transportation management system. We use Asana already, but I’m not sure it will fully support what I envision.

I still believe Project Kickstart is the very best program to layout workflows. It then exports to Excel where your would be on your way to a CSV import. Try the Trial and you will see what I mean.