New Task Filter: Incomplete and Recently Completed Tasks

In project management, it’s helpful to review recently completed tasks during weekly meetings. It would be great to add this capability to the filter options. It was there years ago and removed.

@David_Marlin - this is supported in the advanced search function:

Select “within the last {}” and enter your desired timeframe. You can then star this search to return to; it will dynamically update.

That does not work. Please do not mark it as solved.

@David_Marlin - can you elaborate? This filters for tasks completed within a given time range as you requested in the OP.

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Thanks Stephen. I wasn’t clear in the original post. Maybe I should repost.

I need to be able to see recently completed tasks AND all NOT completed tasks.


@David_Marlin - ah understood. I’m going to close this topic since I saw you re-posted with this clarification. In the meantime, the only way I can think of to do this is to have two separate searches; one as described above and another for the incomplete tasks.

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