New tag/custom field and project tag color


Thank you all so much for your feedback! We’ve heard your comments and concerns and have decided to roll-back this update until we can find a better solution, that works for all our users.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback on the Forum, and for taking the time to detail why this didn’t work for you; your feedback is precious and will help us build a better solution in the future!

Happy Friday all!

Completed versus uncompleted tasks - same color

THANK YOU!!! for listening and for rolling back the color update. It looks sooooo much better and easier to use! You have my support for continued improvements, and may you find a better color solution which better serves the Asana user community :thinking:


Thank you so much for rolling back the colours, it is so, so much better like this. I got a lot more work done today than last week due to this, the washed-out look made it impossible to navigate our team calendar. I glanced at it this morning and the sense of relief was huge!
After 5 years with asana, the colour change actually had me looking elsewhere. Pleased to say I’ll be staying put now!


Thank you for helping us understand why you intended the original change, and working with us when reality didn’t seem to meet that intent.


Fantastic! Thanks heaps for allowing us to help shape asana, so we can become more productive


Thank you guys so much! This is exactly one of the most important things why we like Asana - YOU CARE :). And you have a great Support team, you really do listen to your customers and don’t hesitate to make changes if they are needed. THANK YOU! :).


Thank you, but as a friendly reminder, I want to take the opportunity to provide you with feedback.

I think you have to take a deep look at your ways-of-working at Asana. This change is an example that show something is wrong with how you implement things. You seem to take the time to listen to your customers, but still don’t provide us with what we need, only what you think we need. Or even worse, you skip things you think we won’t need (why is there no filtering option for the calendar and timeline views e.g.).

For some features, there is lots of flexibility, but for most, there is only a certain way allowed to do things. Why not add more options for the user to choose, i.e. have optional features? This goes for a change like this, or user privileges, custom colors, and so on. Please, use this failed implementation of an idea that was well intended as a lessons-learned!