New tag/custom field and project tag color


One of my users is having this issue as well.


Another UI update

I assume it’s being rolled out slowly to all accounts.

Another pointless change, with no notice.

It would be great if Asana account Administrators could be notified of changes in advance to warn staff. Change is hard enough for most teams, especially when we don’t know its coming.


We don’t like this change either…


This change is awful - it makes text much harder to read and distinguishing orange from yellow is not easy:

Please change this back, Asana!


I understand why you want improve the accessibility of Asana, but this type of change should not be forcibly added to all accounts. I really don’t understand why this couldn’t be a setting that could be toggled on/off, similar to the color blind feature. This literally did the opposite of what you’re saying it is intended to do and made the parent task text on my calendars illegible.


I agree with Mark’s feedback. The timeline in particular is much more difficult to read now. The grey background on the timeline with softer colors for the tasks makes it all very low contrast to my eye (and my entire team). In particular when you have a completed task on the timeline it greys out, but with the new softer palette, it is not as easy to distinguish which tasks are complete and which aren’t. While I fully support making a more inclusive product, there must be a better way to do this, whether it be a different coloring strategy, or having a setting that can be turned on for those with reduced vision.


I think the key thing Asana have overlooked is that tags are used to distinguish BETWEEN things tagged differently, so this is a huge step backwards in terms of readability given that the point of the color coding was never to be able to read the text in the bubble, but to see at a glance what bubble things were tagged with. Otherwise the tags would all just be black on white or white on black right?

It’s impossible to easily distinguish between the colors, regardless of whether the text is easy to read. I agree with everyone else that this MUST be changed to a setting (bright colors, or accessible colors), and even then I’d change the accessible mode to be inverted as someone said above, so the contrast ratios stay high, but the bolder color is the bubble color, and the light color the text. Please please change back ASAP, I can’t understand my timelines and working out the urgency of things is so much more laborious now!


Please change the colors back! The new pastel colors make it much more difficult to organize tasks, and identify which tag is which


These pastel colors are VERY hard to see. The text may be easier, although I frankly don’t think so, but the colors themselves are important, too – and I can’t see them. The bright colors help me distinguish between projects and were easy on my eyes. These pastels make me squint. I am definitely NOT a fan. I have really enjoyed Asana, but this change may make me go look somewhere else. I’m very middle-aged, and it’s not as easy to see subtle differences as it used to be. Are all the developers of Asana youngsters with great vision? Just curious. Maybe they don’t realize how difficult they are making this for the rest of us. This is another change that I just don’t understand how anyone could decide it was a good thing and then just spring it on us without any chance to opt out. I hope it switches back SOON, or I’m outta here to find a platform I can work with more easily.


I also find it interesting that turning on color-blind friendly mode gives me back the bright colors with white text. Not understanding how the new mode is supposed to be better for those with vision problems AT ALL.


New clours are horible!!! i’m angry and i want to back old colors!


At times I really feel the decision makers at Asana have too much time on their hands - we get new colors that supposedly assist the visually impaired (but only impaired in a certain way - see the thread above), yet desktop notifications can’t be done? I agree with Ann_Karako! Old colors, PLEASE!


Please change the colors back as before. The new lighter colors are not so convenient


Hi there, Asana team :). I understand your arguments, but I agree with many others here - please make it optional. Why forced it to everyone? You can see that many users (including us) are navigating through asana tasks using the COLOUR of the tags, not the TEXT written in them.

You are doing a great job and we do appreciate your good will and intention to make the Asana UX better. I belive the only thing that many here are trying to say is that perhaps the better way to do it would be through optional adjustments, not the “one ring rules them all” kind of thing.

Thank you for listening :).


Kind of ironic that the method chosen to improve accessibility has negatively impacted usability for at least as many as as it has helped.

Please just give users the option to choose which colour palette is in use in the same way that we can choose to use (or not) the “color blind friendly mode”



Category: UX/UI

Hello ASANA team. How to back to old colors tags and field?

Description: New colors are not allowed in team in my company! This is very big problem for us because we use asana as “SCRUM boards” and “Bug Reporting List”. New colors do not comply with accepted standards. Currently, the interface with faded colors is not transparent.

Proposal for a solution:

  1. go back to previous colors as default
  2. launch the functionality that allows me to define my own colors “CUSTOM COLORS”, for example in the organization or team settings. Example format #ffaa00 or with color picker.


Thanks for your feedback @Konrad_Ogar! As it stands, we don’t have an option to revert back to the old colors, however we’re closely monitoring feedback and I’ll make sure to keep you posted if we decide to make any changes.

We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your feedback with the main thread. Have a look at my previous replies to understand what led us to make this change!


The pastel colors are absolutely horrible. Makes working much harder. It’s great you’re trying to help the visually impaired, but it shouldn’t be at the detriment of others. I use the calendar view almost exclusively and especially the color features. This almost ruins one of the best elements of asana.


I have been an Asana user for the past 5 years and could not fault it until now.
I am sorry to say, the new pallet forced on Asana users actually makes the non visually impaired users feel visually impaired. I just focus on the colours rather than the actual text of tags and projects and this change has really made me struggle day to day. The feedback I have had from +50 users is the same. I am all for helping people with disabilities but it should not ruin the experience/workflow of others.
Please revert to the previous pallet and offer a toggle just like the colorblind toggle.
At the moment I have the colourblind toggle on and it is helping but not Ideal. Please change Asana! thanks


Please bring the colours back, or add a toggle button for your fading.
Funny enough, I chose Asana 3 yrs ago over a bunch of other similar apps, because I LIKED THE COLOUR VARIETY WHICH HELPED DISTINGUISH PROJECTS and also had an aesthetically pleasant experience which, after all, matters (otherwise why do you have a unicorn crossing the sreen sometimes?).
The pastel colours feel like something is wrong with my screen and increase pressure on the eyes, because we need to focus much more to distinguish the tasks.
It’s also much harder to distinguish what’s done from what’s pending, which is an important part of the experience and the benefit of having lists of tasks in the first place.
Now we basically have only 5 colour choices, because the fading makes them INDISTINGUISHABLE.