New rule builder: Allow selection of the trigger condition as part of the trigger

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We will create a flow where the first steps for WHEN are:
When the Task has been moved to a section

But here it is not possible to choose which episode? You could do that in the previous version. Then you had to choose which section it applied to when the TRIGGER was - When the Task has been moved to a section.

Steps to reproduce:
See above

Browser version:
Version 116.0.5845.187 (Officiell version) (arm64)

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Use the Condition block the specify the section that you want to use.

Yes, iIsee that but it´s still a worse user experience as it means more choices that are relatively unclear.

So WHEN should already have that parameter in the first choice.

Hi @Ingrid_Kraappa,

(FYI I moved your post as it’s a product suggestion, not a bug - it’s working as designed.)

I agree that the new design seems a bit odd in that it can require an additional setup from the old rule builder; however, I think the reason they did it this way is it adds functionality that was not available in the old rule builder - namely, the ability to trigger a rule on a task moving to ANY section, or to ANY custom field state, or assigned to ANYONE, etc. - that type of trigger couldn’t be done in the old rule builder.