New Price Hike September 2019 - how often and for how much can we expect the price hikes?

a new price hike announcement. First of all thank you for giving some notice time.

I know its difficult to predict, but is there a plan on price hikes regularities? like every year or how often we could expect them? Also About what percentage is the expected increase? (this current one for us is like a 65% increase). We are with asana just a few years, we really like the product, with some things that could be improved (you surely work already on some of them), but we already saw like 2 or 3 price hikes in such a short period of time. I agree asana is one of the best. But the prices can’t go up infinitely high, is there any expectancy we could budget for?


Yet I don’t see a good motivation for this increase, not while still unable to Inline image embedding in description and comments
This is kind of a standard everywhere over the internet. Or either the Feature request: Markdown

I wake up every morning hoping to see this when I open asana, instead it ruins my day!


Where is the price hikes announcement? I can’t find it anywhere.

Hi @Amber_Baumer,

See here and here for price change details.


I agree. This should be done annually for those of us that have to budget for software (i.e. everyone!). I don’t care about all the ‘extras’ they have added because they are all for the higher versions of ASANA so them saying they are raising my price because they have improved the product for the highest paid subscriptions isn’t a selling point for me. I have some people in my organization that hate ASANA and constant price hikes aren’t going to be helping me argue for keeping it in the future.


Agreed, these seemingly endless price hikes are going to price us right out of continuing to use Asana, especially with an outage or down time every two weeks!


If they up the price I am out. Been here since 2014… Looking hard at other option… clickup looks interesting

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Just got an email about a new outage… Made me think about this one.

Really feel like this price hike is a slap on the face with all the problems Asana unstability caused me in the last weeks.