New in Asana: Quick replies

We’re excited to announce quick replies in tasks. Quick replies are useful for both the task creator and assignee to acknowledge and accept tasks. They appear on tasks assigned from a teammate that have not been commented on—to give a response like “I’m on it”, “I can start this by”, and “Quick question” to help teammates know the work is moving forward.


Is this showing in every account now then?

Yes! Should be.

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It’s not on ours yet, I’ve seen it pop in and out of being there actually over the past few weeks. I’m sure it’s rolling out, but just fyi =)

It’s a very interesting addition and I’m curious to play with it.

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Ah @Caisha to clarify, the quick replies only show when someone has assigned you a task that you have yet to comment on, with the goal to encourage folks to acknowledge their tasks :slight_smile:


Is there a way to personalize it (i.e. translate)?


Hi Alexis,

I’ve had this feature for a while and it’s a nifty little feature but also sometimes annoying. I like my Asana to be as streamlined as possible and when I’ve got no intention of using the quick replies, it’s distracting to have it showing whenever I look at the task.

Could a minimize or hide button be added? It would only hide it for that particular task.
Another useful thing would be if it could be turned off in display settings or something.


Ability to turn off in settings someplace. Takes up a lot of real estate and no one in our organization is going to use it.


Thanks Asana team for adding another feature that was requested by the community.

Like @Caisha, mine is not there yet but it has been in and out over the last few weeks. I’ve used them though and I like the option. I prefer acknowledging this way rather than with hearts. After so many hearts, I feel like the hearts just get lost in the shuffle.


Ohh okay that does explain it then! Also explains why I don’t see it much since I’m usually the one assigning things! That’s nifty.


How can I turn this off? The stock content is so much extra noise that doesn’t provide any actionable feedback to my team.


@Alexis - I LOVE this feature. It’s been super helpful. I especially like how it’s there when you need it, but never obstructs your view when you don’t :smiley:


It would be great if this function customizable