New Homepage 🎉


No worries @Frank_wu, it might take a few days! Sit tight, it won’t be long until you see it again :slight_smile:


Thanks , Marie , let us see what will happen . have a nice weekend .@Marie :kissing_heart:


I would agree with many of the others who said that this falls short of what the homepage could have been. I find it redundant, since it is a reflection of the favorites on the side bar. I’d rather you eliminate the favs and just keep the most recents. I hope you will develop this a bit more, overall.


Why woud i want this ?!?


@Marie I’ve been using Asana since the early days and I keep getting access to all the new features in my older Workspaces & Organizations but not with my more recent ones. Is this working as intended or should they be enabled for my account across all workspaces & organizations?


Hi @Hans_Rippel :wave:t3: We usually roll out new features and updates by domain (Workspace/Organization) as opposed to accounts, which explains why you’re not getting new features in all your spaces at the same time. It usually takes us a couple of weeks to fully roll out a new feature, so if you don’t have access to the New Homepage with all your spaces yet, you should very soon!


Ever thought about scalability and large screens? This is what my homepage looks like on my 27" 2560x1440 screen:

vast emptyness…

I’d like to be able to add more columns, rows, add widgets to my liking (inbox, calendar, dashboards), expand/collapse if needed etc. etc.

o and putting in a project image would be nice in the tiles view:

hard to distinguish just by text…

It would seem the homepage needs a bit more thought. First question: why? Then is it really necessary now? And what features do people actually need (user-feedback-based) instead of just a list of recent projects that you can access yourself if you work GTD or task-based (which most people would do with ‘My tasks’.


I agree with some of the comments.

I don’t find the homepage necessary… I miss entering directly in My Tasks pane (now I have to click to focus on my tasks). I think the usability was better before…


Hi. I created a new account today. I can’t find the “Home” button on the top, left corner of the screen.

Just below the asana logo, I have My Tasks, Inbox, and Dashboard. I used to have Home, My Tasks, Inbox, and Dashboard.

When I had the Home button, it would show all my projects inside tiles on the screen. Now, because I don’t have the Home button anymore, I can’t go back to that screen.

How can I go back to showing the Home button on the screen?



Hi , Jose , I think lorne_Guse is right . I also can not find it .


I believe what he is looking for is this


I only seem to have this button on one of my organizations. It’s missing in my personal tasks and a second workspace.


Hi @Lorne_Guse and @Jose_Dias :wave:t3: We’re still in the process of rolling out the “Home” feature, so if you don’t have access to it just yet, you should very soon! Merging this thread with New Homepage 🎉 :slight_smile:


Awesome! I love this, lets me navigate quickly to the projects I need to access when I first load Asana in the morning or return to my computer from a break. Here are a few things that would make Homepage more helpful for our team (not complaints, just ideas):

For the quickest visual recognition in tile view, it would be incredibly helpful to load custom logos for each project’s tile (so that, for example, each client’s logo could represent them in tile view). While that may seem fluffy, it would be really helpful to quickly differentiate internal from client-facing projects, and to quickly identify and click on a specific project. Another alternative that may be easier to implement is to allow us to customize the tile color with any hex color instead of just the default 16 built-in colors. That would allow us to choose the client’s dominant brand color and get close to accomplishing the same visual improvement.


Agreed, I’m confused why this was pushed to the top of the asana’s feature list. It’s not useful and very similar to the dashboard (also useless). I wish asana would focus on making there existing features fully functional - dependencies do nothing to timeline and the timeline doesn’t adjust dynamically.


I agree that being able to set your own default Asana view would be a valuable feature, and it doesn’t look like it’s in Product Feedback, if someone wants to add it.

In the mean time, don’t forget about the shortcut Tab-Z to get to My Tasks quickly.


Well said


That would be greatly appreciated.


Frank, there was a limited rollout for this update. You may not have it turned on yet.


You don’t have it available for your account yet. There’s a limited rollout on this, I hope for testing purposes.


Please remove the updated homepage. The few seconds it takes to ignore this adds up. Consider the few seconds it’s taking everyone to ignore it…it adds up.

***Please also give us a few more tags to use in order to find postings later if that’s not a big deal to do. It would be greatly appreciated.