New Asana Partners integrations improve cross-team collaboration to unlock innovation and creativity ✨

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Drumroll please…:drum: we’re excited to tell you all about our release of new and updated Asana Partners integrations designed to save time and fuel more innovative, creative outcomes.

According to Asana’s Anatomy of Work 2022 report, we’re in the midst of embracing a new age of agility but we’re still seeing that employees switch between 9 apps per day, which causes what we call: the distraction tax. This leads to digital overload, less efficiency, longer hours worked, and reduced attention.

Let’s take a look at how you can cut down on the distraction tax by adding new and improved integrations designed to help you focus on the most impactful work!

Google Drive: Ensure open feedback doesn’t slip through the cracks

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Collaboration tools make it easier to work together without having to reference multiple versions of the same file. But if outstanding comments on a file don’t go addressed, you can miss out on critical information related to a project and waste time jumping back and forth between apps.

With a supercharged Google Drive integration, individuals will soon be able to easily search and link Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides when added at the project level. And the best part? You can receive comment notifications on Google Drive files directly in Asana!

So if you have a campaign brief to write with multiple stakeholders involved, you can get clear visibility into their feedback so open questions, ideas, and suggested edits don’t go unnoticed.

Google Chat Asana Bot: Turn unstructured conversations into structured work

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With updates to Asana for Google Chat and Spaces, individuals can now turn unstructured conversations or messages into actionable Asana tasks, without leaving Google Chat.

By using Asana for Google Chat, you can collaborate with your entire team and get more done, without leaving the conversation.

  • Get instantly notified of updates on your Asana projects and tasks
  • Create or update tasks right from Google Chat, allowing you to collaborate even more easily with your teammates
  • Share information from Asana by pasting the link in Google Chat to keep work moving forward

Asana Widget for FigJam: Turn brainstorms into action

A new Asana Widget for FigJam helps turn brainstorms into action without needing to switch between tools.

Whether you’re a designer building out storyboards or an engineer mapping out a product flow, you can now import Asana tasks or projects directly into FigJam. And, if new action items come up in a meeting, you can capture them on stickies in FigJam and instantly convert them to tasks in Asana.

These are just a few new examples of integrations with Asana that can help you increase efficiency without app switching. And (spoiler alert!), we have some new enhancements with Zapier on the way that will help support additional automations with Asana so teams can spend more time focusing on strategic work. For example, when a new employee is added to your HR system, your team can seamlessly onboard that employee by automatically having a new onboarding project created from an existing template in Asana.

As always, let us know your thoughts and feedback! What are some ways these new integrations can help you reduce your distraction tax and spend more time on your most strategic work? Comment below and please share how we can further improve on the ways you and your teams work together. Thanks!



But, if switching between 9 apps per day leads to digital overload, less efficiency, longer hours worked, and reduced attention - Please give us more native solutions like whiteboards / mind maps with widgets in Asana instead :wink:


100% agree, Teams is a pain for a whole bunch of reasons, but one thing I love about it is exactly this. Apps are just tabs in the overall interface. That would be a godsend for Asana

Not to mention Zapier and others get really expensive for small companies.


I’m going to continue using google docs and sheets because of the core functions of those products. It’s not value-adding to me for Asana to let me add links to tasks and show comment notifications only on those docs and only on those tasks. Also: I don’t want to comment on threads in google docs from Asana because I’d be missing the context of the thread. I WANT to go back to docs. Context switching is GOOD and task supportive if the switching follows a logical narrative for the switcher (see boundary events in cognitive neuroscience; clear demarcations support recall and understanding).

But what Asana can REALLY do here is to be the good project management app in exactly the way that docs isn’t. If docs/drive offered a single place where a user could see all the comments assigned to them, plus maybe also a separate view for all comments in which they are mentioned, regardless of where those comments lived, it would become the only project management tool I used. Asana could step in here and offer these views through a drive integration that turns assigned comments into tasks.

I’ve tried to to this using various zapier sequences but they kinda suck. Asana! People have been asking for this for FOREVER and it really seems like the product team isn’t listening carefully enough to what the users’ actual goals are. I get it: user empathy is hard. It’s no excuse. Just look at all the forum comments saying “yeah, close, but not exactly.” That’s a symptom of a product team not putting themselves in their users’ shoes.

Hi folks :wave:

In case you missed it, we will be hosting an Asana Connect Event on August 24 where you can learn how to use this powerful Asana Partners integration!

Check out this post for more details and register today! :arrow_down:

We would love to see google drive folder to asana project connections so that ANY task created in documents in that folder would create a task in the project. that would be cool :sunglasses:

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