New access type "Reporting" needed

I have a colleague that is running reports on one of my portfolio of projects.
In order for his report to show the correct data, he needs to be added to all the projects.

For example, one reporting module shows the number of projects in that portfolio.
There are 35 projects in that portfolio.
If I remove him from one of the projects, his module shows 34 projects (and when he clicks through, it advises him that there are some projects in the portfolio wo which he does not have access).
My version of the report still shows 35 projects, because I either belong to the project, or to a team that has access to the project.

So I go and add him to all the projects … but I only have the ability to add him with Edit or Comment permissions. He should not have permission to do either. He is just generating a report.

So I propose here a new access type of Reporting, which can be applied to a user or team. The permission allows for the project and anything related to that project to be reported on, but does not provide that user or team any write access, no permissions that allow them to alter the projects in any way.

fyi Universal Reporting (top left "Reporting"option) allows you to create a dashboard without giving access to the projects. So he should see 35 always, but indeed when he clicks through the list will show 34 projects.

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